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Stock Club 2/13/2024

My family and I started a club in which we follow stocks. Here is today's pitch and results:

The Pitch - Courtney

Marriott International, Inc. (current price: 234.94)

Reasons: brand expansion, investment in emerging technologies, earnings report today was positive

Group consensus: currently the stock seems overvalued. It is just about at its 52 week high. It's P/E ratio of 24 is a little high. We will not buy right now but hold off.

Final Decision: Each member input their dues of $100 and then we will hold. Instead of Marriott, we may invest in something else that is reporting later this week. John Deere has had positive cash flow, exceeded expectations all last year, low P/E ratio of 10. Crowdstrike was another possibility but is also at a 52 week high and seems overvalued. Growing certainly, based on last few years cash flow growth. Nearly exponential.

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