[ what am I doing now?] 

March 2021

-learning to paint with watercolor. what a challenge! I really enjoy playing with how the paint ebbs and flows at the mercy of the water and page material, though the colors mercilessly run together in the most stubborn of moments. I look forward to experimenting with other paper materials, but for now am creating small canvases out of store-bought 300gsm heavyweight pad

-reflecting on the permanence of spoken histories, stories, and the impressions they leave upon people; frustrated lately by the lack of tolerance people have for discomfort and disagreement. 

-in the rudimentary stages of this year's primary soundwork: a working version 1.0 collection of the soundscapes of "Catonsville and the West Patapsco Area"

-working with TJ on a new internet play; to be recorded and streamed for Silhouette Stages this coming summer. It's teaching me to work in a different type of collaborative flow for audio

-working hard to expand my music taste and vocabulary; currently straddled between Czech jazz and the 'refusenik' movements in Japanese noise that grew out of 60s-70s rock. absolute passion and fury.