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Thoughts - Legacy 2/19/2024

It is Monday Feb. 19, 2024 and I am bursting at the seams.

Mentally, I have had so much on my mind and yet no power to put it down on to paper. I try to organize everything and end up, instead, creating piles of mental boxes with reminders written in scribbly cursive on top telling me what to do with them. I fear that if I do not get thoughts down in some medium and in some format I will instead drown in them while spacing out in the living room.

One of the largest themes taking up space in my mind has been what 'legacy' should look like, and how someone at my age (a ripe 35), should start to envision and live into it. What does it look like to leave a fossil of your life? What would your fossil look like? How deep would it be buried? Where? What kind of fossil? Physical? Spiritual? Philosophical? Does it even matter anyway?

Our impact, and our personal fossil, has the powerful potential to be a guiding light and indicator for future generations. Just because it is not found does not make it's potential any less powerful. Depending on the context of your fossil, and the timing at which it is discovered, it's impact could even have grown.

I think of things that I prioritize and how I communicate them to my family. So far, it appears mostly music and money. We have a stock club, which is a fine way to stay in touch and communicate about something tangible. However, it is still primarily focused on finances. While somewhat important, their obsession is in direct contradiction with how I believe we are called to live out our life: with less focus on money and more focus on humanity and genuine emotional interaction. Money can just be a side result from pursuit of something genuine and graceful. If you are aligned with your purpose then you do not need to worry about money; it will come in stride, and there will be enough resource for you to live.

However, if the club is to be, then I should approach it as a vessel to be used to impart positivity and legacy to the family. Consistency, communication, kindness. All of these little things can add up. So I need to start reminding myself of reaching out to them more about it. Sharing interests and excitement. Even if it is about money, perhaps the focus can become more about the fun of it.

Don't get me started on fossil trails. That is for 5000 other posts. How we can define the legacy we live and, when aligned with our purpose, can be used to positively impact exponential amounts of people....I have many thoughts on this coming out of art, authenticity, and genuineness.

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